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Tilsen's Preoccupied is OUT NOW
Posted: 2020-04-03 00:00:00
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Tilsen's brand new single "Preoccupied" is available everywhere today! 


Preoccupied is about the infatuation we experience when we are first falling in love with someone. It starts before the relationship begins, and it lasts throughout the honeymoon phase. You are obsessed with the person; you can’t get them off you mind. You want to make that person yours. It’s a craving and an addiction. You feel distracted at work; fixated and fantasizing about this special person and the time you want to spend with them. You see none of their flaws and project your ideal mate’s qualities onto them. You have extra energy and a spring in your step. It’s uncomfortable but mostly enjoyable. 

Here's what Tilsen has to say about the track: 

I wrote this song when I was first falling in love with someone. I felt the attraction from the moment we met. I couldn’t focus on anything else, constantly day dreaming about them. At night I couldn’t sleep. I had too much energy. I felt like I was crazy and wanted to stop my thoughts but I couldn’t. It was beyond my control. I knew that maybe the person I was preoccupied with would fall from the pedestal I placed them on eventually, but until then I was going to ride the high; lost in the idea of them.

It was the word ‘Preoccupied’ that sparked the song. Once my co-writer and I had thought of that word to describe what I was going through, a gazillion melodies and lyrics came to mind. The song wrote itself within a few hours.

Check out the video!